I Love piercings. (And tattz) Always have, Always will. Everytime I think "Ok this is my last one" I end up getting one renewed or a new one. So I have been thinking about a Vertical labret for quite some time - turns out I realized I don´t have the "right face shape" for it ,lol. 
I also always wanted to tryyy these - my bf hate these.  (I also always wanted an eyebrow piercing)
I think I might just get it done and say nothing haha. 
...come home like "hi , sorry got some more metal going on ;)"
I´ll think he´ll get used to it. It´s my body anyways.
I don´t think you´re ever "too old - too young" for anything. One day I´ll die. One day maby tomoroww and if I don´t get to do what I want with myself and my body during the time I have here as this person - then what can I do? hahah.

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Seriosly hope I don´t have migrane still fml If I do. atleast I have a doctors appointment -again- and they seemed hype to prescribe some meds. Honestly , I know its not like me but , this time around I want the pills and not the pain - )
FrökenTV, bloggen om tv och film
2016-09-07 @ 14:41:49


Svar: visst är de ^^
☯Nina Sativa☮

Evahle - en blogg om psykisk hälsa
2016-09-07 @ 16:59:13

Piercingar är så fint :)

Svar: Jaa visst är det :D !
☯Nina Sativa☮

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