Mini wallet from Wish store

Cost: about 40-50sek (I always include shipping costs btw when I tell the price. And on wish it's always 9sek or 18sek shipping - at least the stuff I've bought so far. Etsy and Wish are simply awesome shops! And they both come in app forms too! 😍

Order from etsy

All for 50 sek. I'm gonna have it on my black phone case. But I'll show you once I'll got it because I went and spilled (a beautiful blue/green glittery) nail polish on it. So I'll stick it over it. It's not that bad but for now it's just like a boring black phone case, until I put the stickers on front and back of the case. And it's not that much nail polish so it dosent matter of it shows some of the nail polish glitter because it's simply so beautiful to look at.
And it's been shipped today! Yay! I also got this tiiiiiny wallet from wish but if I remember I'll take a photo of it tomorrow.
I love it it's black and simple and I can put my key on it 🍀

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