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Don´t you just hate it when Doctors don't respect you enough to listen to you when you are suffering from a wrong medication?
When they say the're gonna call but When You dare to complain about how you are feeling you are being treated they take you off the phone list so nobody calls you ..  


Don't you just hate it When you call again and again and five minutes before They close the medical center They call and apologize for the inconvinient and That I might be allergic to the medication prior and oh yeah "sorry I don't know what happend I saw you on the list EARLIER today but ... well you are back on the list now so she will give you a call tomorow. I'm sorry for this .. "


My anexiety is taking all of my life energy and life quality. Awesome. (GAD) 

Nurse: " I hope she calls you tomorow, otherwise call back again and I´ll make sure she does."

Geez when is this life over. I´m so over it already.


* pissed off rant over*

( YES I know all about how I am NOT my thoughts. Yes I know I can find my way. But... I also know , If I don´t make it up to the surface one more time in this life .. well , I always have next life. 

Still feeling judgemental? Well , try spending time with narcessists and sociopaths and try to recover from that. 
because I don´t know how to recover when my Ego wants me to suffer and honestly I dispice myself for not seeing the truth and for always loving unconditinally to the point where I was hurt beyond repair.   I´m just tierd beyond sleep... )


Cést La Vie

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