chocolate cheesecake and Salmon and cod box

Lately everything here has been about food! We LOVE to cook and bake so I guess thats why ;) its our "hobby" or life or whatevs. Anywho! 
I just got back from a reiki healing wow such an amasing person she is my reiki healer. I feel sooo blessed that she is right here in my town! Such a blessing! <3 Much Love!

Now to our creations! We decited that we should make some cheesecake when I got home so now it´s in the oven
( 1.5h)!

Salmon and cod with potatoes and veggies with home made sause ofc! Had some today and freesing some down so that we can have an easy healty "fast food" when you want real dinner - NOW :) 
I really LOVE cooking! <3 Mixing spices and creating amasing tastes is soo much fun! 

dyed my eyelashes and eyebrows at the hairdresser today , I wish I had darker lashes and brows all the time but what can you do ( dye them apperently ;) ) 

Namaste <3
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